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About Shen Tai
The First Brand The First  The First
of all kinds instrumentation and special cables  instrumentation cables in Taiwan to be listed in CNS12726 elevator flat traveling cables in Taiwan to be listed in UL ETP
Shen Tai Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is specified in manufacturing of all kinds of instrumentation cables and special cables for 30 years and is succeedful in exporting our products to worldwide market.
As a leading ISO cable manufacturer, Shen Tai is professional in supplying all kinds of special cables. Due to our outstanding quality, ¡§Shen Tai ¡§is now the first and top brand of instrumentation cables and special cables in Taiwan. Shen Tai is the FIRST in Taiwan to be listed in UL ETP with elevator flat traveling cables and the FIRST to be listed in CNS12726 with instrument cables and shield cables. The leading quality Shen Tai supplied has been guaranteed by most of famous worldwide approvals and complied to requirements of worldwide customers. Our main products are cables meet to RoHS Directive¡BLSFH cable¡Binstrument cables¡Bcontrol cables¡Bshield cables¡Belevator cables¡Bheat-resistant cables¡Bcrane cables¡Bcomputer cables¡Bcompound cables and all kinds of OEM & ODM special cables¡Ketc. applicable to all kinds of applications including instrumentation and signal transmission..... etc..
Shen Tai¡¦s outstanding quality is controlled by strict QC system and is now ISO9001¡BUL¡BCSA¡BCE¡BCCC¡BCNS approved and meets to RoHS Directive. Besides, Shen Tai has been keeping on promoting the production technology and efficiency by cooperating with an well-known Japanese company to follow the trends of market to serve worldwide customers.
Now-a-days, the update technology is changing drastically. While enjoying the comfort and convenience bringing by the update technology, we used to neglect that the Earth had been damaged by activities of Human being. Now, all these problems, exhaust of source¡Bincrease of trash and litter¡Baggravation of circumstances, has become a challenge to Human being. Due to the mission and self-conto maintain and promote the circumstances we living as a member of this green Earth, Shen Tai has been focus on and succeeded in the research and development of none pollution or hazard products.
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